The Colex Digital Vision Registration System allows you to finish a wide range of substrates from simple

rectangular signs to complex contours, lettering, engraving and 3D applications.


The Sharpcut is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into a true, short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing your graphics with the highest accuracy and efficiency.



The Colex Vision Registration System is capable of importing over 30 file formats including PDF, AI/EPS, DXF and XML.




- The Sharpcut allows you to easily adjust for a variety of tools and substrates.


- Advanced features for routing including tool diameter compensation and mill & hatching functions for 2D shapes and engraving.


- Capable of interfacing with 3D software for 3D applications.




- High Resolution Color Camera equipped with high-quality optics to read registration marks quickly and easily delivering efficient, reliable vision recognition.

- Optimally positioned for full access to the entire work table allowing sufficient clearance to accept materials up to 40mm/1-1/2” thick.

- Fixed focus lens guarantees that registration marks are displayed correctly regardless of material thickness.

- Automatic brightness adjustment that does not require back lighting for reading registration marks.

- Automatically reads registration marks on high gloss media without additional camera adjustments.


The Sharpcut compensation corrects for even the most difficult non-linear distortions by adjusting each point of your cut path independently. Extreme distortions commonly found in flexible substrates, films, laminated graphics and textiles are compensated and finished in perfect registration.



The COLEX Vision Registration System can read any diameter registration mark,

crop mark or square resulting in highly efficient production.

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